Your organization can benefit from our expertise by partnering with Arrowhead Management to provide some or all of the following services:

Association Headquarters - The Arrowhead Management office in Los Angeles becomes your association headquarters and business address. Your Los Angeles-based identity and professional image are displayed on all letterhead and other communications.

Communication - Arrowhead Management establishes a dedicated telephone line for your association and professionally answer it with the name of your organization. We manage email to and from members, create newsletters and manage your website.

Event and Conference Planning and Implementation
- Arrowhead Management provides full event services - including registration, marketing, contract negotiation, logistics and follow-up. We work with your volunteer or professional leadership to coordinate sponsors and speakers, create programs and tribute books and ensure the smooth execution of your event - regardless of event size and scope.

Database Development - Arrowhead Management works closely with you to identify your database needs and tailor an information system to provide the tools you need to run your organization efficiently.

Board and Committee Meetings
- Arrowhead Management handles all association management meetings activities: distributing notices and agendas, arranging meeting space, preparing and distributing minutes and following up on action items.
  Membership Management - Arrowhead Management responds to member inquires, executes the member and nonmember services of the association, promotes membership benefits and responds to membership inquiries.

Dues Management - Arrowhead Management prepares and sends membership dues notices, handles deposits and reports to the Board on the status of dues collection.

Financial Management - Arrowhead Management provides full financial services including bookkeeping and accounting, financial reporting and arrangements for independent audits.

Program Analysis - Arrowhead Management analyzes your programs using quantitiative and for-profit metrics to determine which programs are working and why. Arrowhead Management tracks programs, identifies growth areas and reinforces programs strengths.

Policies and Procedures - Arrowhead Management updates and creates manuals to ensure all management and administrative responsibilities, including bylaws, are appropriately handled.


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