Fundraising Solutions

Arrowhead Management provides comprehensive fundraising services for your organization:
  • First, we evaluate your sources of revenue and existing fundraising programs along key industry metrics.
  • Second, we collaborate with your staff to create a 12-month outcomes plan that maximizes your fundraising potential.
  • Third, we implement all aspects of this plan and benchmark our success.


We analyze your nonprofit along the following key industry metrics to identify opportunities to increase your organization's fundraising effectiveness:
  • Number of Donors and Prospects
  • Number of Gifts Given
  • Average Gift
  • Donor Growth Rate
  • Lapsed Donors
  • Pyramid of Giving
  • Revenue Sources
  • Fixed Costs
  • Variable Costs
  • Board Role
Next, we analyze your individual donors along the following indicators, to identify underlying motivations for donor giving:
  • Communities of Participation
  • Framework of Consciousness
  • Direct Requests
  • Discretionary Resources
  • Models and Experiences from One's Youth
  • Urgency and Effectiveness
  • Demographic Data
  • Intrinsic and Extrinsic Rewards


We work together with your fundraising staff to create a comprehensive 12-month plan to educate, cultivate, solicit, thank and recognize individual donors.

Our plan includes using electronic media tools and traditional mail to communicate with and solicit donors and prospects on a regular basis. Additionally, our plan builds in testing of various messages and case statements.

Arrowhead Management creates your customized plan based on our proprietary analysis of your prior donor behavior giving models to identify specific giving trends and donor motivations.

Our plan targets these donor segments with compelling and relevant messages to maximize their philanthropic giving.


Once the annual plan has been created, Arrowhead Management begins executing on those objectives.

The work of many fundraising consultants ends once the analysis and suggestions have been offered, but Arrowhead Management realizes that implementation of a new fundraising plan is often challenging and may require the utilization new and unique skillsets. Our experienced professional team is available to augment your staff as needed.

To ensure that our analysis doesn't become shelved a couple months later, Arrowhead Management continues working with you to execute the plan we recommend. We write the copy for newsletters and appeals. We pull the donor lists for each segmented mailing. We merge the donors into the appeal. We send the appeal electronically or through traditional mail. We track success.

We evaluate each component of the plan along quantitative metrics to benchmark our work toward our projections. Based on your organization's success, we adjust our strategy in real-time to maximize your return on investment.


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